Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Songkran - Thai New Year

With the Thai New Year (Songkran) starting today (April 13-15), I felt it was only appropriate to write some things about the Thai culture so enjoy!

"Arroy dee."  It's how you say "[It's] delicious" in Thai, a simple phrase you should learn to compliment your (home or professional) chef/server.  The good thing about being here in Australia is that there is no shortage of good, finger-licking Asian food with Thai food being one of the genres up there.  Hallelujah!!!

Here's one from the popular Chat Thai restaurant.  I've heard plenty of good things about it that I had to give it a go one day.  A Gaeng Keaw Gai (green curry with chicken) for my friend and a Pad Grapao Gai Sup (spicy stir-fry of ground chicken, Thai/holy basil, fresh chili, and green beans topped with a fried egg) for me.  Boy, my dish was kicking and I'm glad that they didn't hold back on the fresh chilies.  Though it's no hole-in-the-wall and you could end up waiting for awhile to get a seat, it's worth checking out.  The interior is a neat 2-story space and their food is tasty from what I've tried so far.  Their desserts, which are prepared in the front of the restaurant, are a great way to end the meal.  A little coconut milk in my dessert never hurt my spicy mouth. 

With Sydney having the highest Thai population in Australia (an estimated 100,000), I'm glad I can walk down the streets in Haymarket/Chinatown/"Thai-natown" and almost feel like I'm in Thailand, minus the humidity. There's a ton of Thai restaurants around each corner all over the city, and a variety of little Thai markets along Campbell Street that provide me with the essential ingredients to cook at home.  Happy Thai New Year!

Chat Thai Haymarket
20 Campbell St. 
09211 1808
Trading Hours:
Lunch: 10am-5pm
Dinner: 5pm-10pm
Supper: 9.30-2am


  1. I think the only time I had kangaroo in Australia was off of Campbell Street in Sydney at a Thai restaurant. It was pretty good.

    I'm excited for Thai street food for when I head out that way.

  2. Check out David Thompson's Thai Street Food:

    I'm sure they'll have it at Border's or something to peruse through and drool at the photos and give you an idea of what you'll be eating.