Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trip memories: Peru Part I

There's nothing more exciting than taking off on a plane to somewhere new.  The thrill of going into the unknown and immersing myself into a culture to find out more is quite addictive and a breath of fresh air to revive my free-spirit soul. While it's tempting to revisit the places I've been to before (and I will), there is also an urge to venture into new territory.

One of the main reason why I love traveling is to learn about different cultures.  A big part of culture lies in the food they eat.  It absolutely fascinates me to think about all the little details and how a certain dish has been formed, from the land where the ingredients are grown and where they are sourced from, to how it is prepared, where the recipe develops from, the changes it goes through, the variations of the dishes, and much more.  My mind is simply blown when I start digging deeper.

After being more exposed to the Peruvian culture in Sydney, thanks to the large immigration of South Americans (predominately Peruvians, Colombians, Brazilians, Chileans, Argentinians, and Uruguayans), I found myself drawn with my eyes wide open.  Thanks to a special deal on an airline, I booked a ticket and flew off finding myself exploring both Lima and Cuzco (plus the surrounding areas like).

Below are some recollections (the horizontal collection) of my trip there:
Sweet and savory empanadas prepared in a clay oven near Ollantaytambo
Lomo saltado and ceviche in Lima
Ready for the breakfast crowd
Did you know there are thousands of types of potatoes in Peru?
A display of maiz morado (purple corn) while stopping for lunch
A South American setting
Flowers bloom brightly, colorfully, and vividly
When in Peru, stock up on breakfast!
Picarones, aka Peruvian donuts, made of pumpkin and sweet potato

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  1. Definitely home of the best ceviche I have ever tasted. Did you try guinea pig while you were there?